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A Summer Thursday Afternoon New England Island Party.

45 knuckle-whitening minutes to and back in a tiny, tiny plane, featuring a Napolisumisura Shambray"popover," old Chipp tie, and crazy ass pants from Panta. (Pants are a safety measure if we ditch at sea.)

Safety Orange.

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Eton x Eidos

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Worn: Green-White Dots Shantung x Grenadine weave necktie and Purple Paisley pocket square

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Martijn Lusink, flawless dressed creative director of Oger



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Stares v. 2.0

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Every season is Tom Ford three-piece season.

Tom Ford; Finamore; Battistoni; Zegna; Gaziano & Girling


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The Navy DB Suit - Served Straight Up

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Ethan Newton, in the store he helped build since 2010. Today is Ethan’s last day at The Armoury. Please join us in wishing him farewell and bon voyage on his new adventure. He shall be missed. You can continue to find him at

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Belisario, Suitsupply, Liverano, Omega and Drakes

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The Liverano Silhouette

The time has come again, we are due to receive our ‘grand-pere’ and mentor, Antonio Liverano, in store from the 23rd to the 26th of this month.

With over 62 years experience as a tailor, Antonio has forgotten more about tailoring than I will ever know. Trends that we look at with nostalgia he saw in their infancy, from the hat wearing, heavy flannel 50’s with it’s wide legged trousers and and deep double breasteds to the current resurgence of classic Italian. Maintaining his aesthetic, and being the flag bearer of the Florentine dartless front has earnt him praise and continued patronage of some of the industries best - he really is the tailors tailor.

We have been working with Antonio for a few years now, and he has become something like family. His visits to Hong Kong are as much a cultural experience for us as a commercial one - perhaps even more so. He brings the romance of old-world Italian tailoring along with his bunches of vintage cloth, and we take as much as we can of both.

Bookings are filling up quickly, so for appointments, email myself, Jake or Alan at

Liverano & Liverano at The Armoury

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Dudes wearing their Christian Kimber kit in Florence.

Credit for shot - Tommy Ton, Me, A & H and a few others I missed along the way. 

Dressed by the Best.

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